Echo Park

This post will be brief because, truly, I haven’t had nearly enough time to spend exploring this amazing and deeply historic area of LA. From the art, the food, the street signs that speak to its history and the beautiful lake, Echo Park is an area that is experiencing a massive population shift as well as gentrification. Trendy hipster coffee shops and stores blend with family-owned joyerias, markets and restaurants. Street art pays homage to Latino culture in the form of Frida Kahlo, quinceaneras and area personalities. Low rider and classic cars are still popular and visible on several residential streets.

The Echo Park Lake is an oasis that features a lily pad-lined lake, perimeter walking trail and paddle boat rentals; parking is free and accessible all around the lake (though generally metered apart from that); families picnic on the rolling greens, walk their kids around the lake and stop at the quaint coffee shop (on-site at the lake) for a snack. Local vendors sell ice cream and fruity frozen drinks out of mini-carts.

Given its proximity to Dodger Stadium, there’s also a reverence to and for baseball as well as a second walk of fame that pays tribute to a variety of athletes across history.

The pictures below highlight Echo Park Lake, street art off and around Sunset Boulevard, and the unique sports personality woven into Echo Park’s otherwise culturally-driven backdrop. When you have the time, give yourself an afternoon (or several) to spend in Echo Park and fall in love with the world that once was and the world(s) that are emerging. The culture class and shifts are bittersweet: Echo Park

Echo1 Echo2 Echo3 Echo4

One thought on “Echo Park

  1. Every time I hear/read about Echo Park, it reminds me of the film “Mi vida loca”–early to mid 90s, which took place in the neighborhood. The young people who played the various roles, I believe, were not professional actors, but neighborhood kids, with the exception of 1 or 2.. I remember reading how the director hired local gang members to provide security throughout the making of the film. Poignant movie-one of my all-time favorites.

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