El Segundo & Dockweiler


If there’s something I can appreciate, it’s a place less-touched by humans. Ironically, the beachfront at El Segundo is and isn’t that. In the panoramic picture above, you can see that industry (LA’s Department of Water and Power) sits directly next to the sprawling, picturesque sands of El Segundo. Mountains shadow the distance.

What you don’t see are a lot of humans. I’ve been here a few times now, specifically, for the lack of humans (smile).

El Segundo-goers seem to thoroughly enjoy the paved biking path (walking, for me) that goes on for miles, the easy parking, and (I’m extrapolating from my own experience) the ease of getting on and off the beach compared with other places.

El Segundo and Dockweiler’s beaches are less popular than their Venice and Santa Monica siblings to the north (part of me wonders if LA’s other humans are at all concerned that the giant, nuclear-reactor-looking facility sitting next to the water has possibly impacted the water or air quality; clearly, of no concern to me on this day), and, for me, that makes them perfect for walking and enjoying the relative peace. Also, if you’re interested, there’s a whole set up dedicated to brave would-be hang-gliders. Note: I admired the opportunity and kept walking (smile #2).

Importantly, parking directly next to the beach is paid for on a per-daily basis (i.e. all day, not hourly) and pretty pricey (over $12). But, in the times I’ve gone, I’ve been able to bring a little light to someone’s beach day simply by handing off my paid parking receipt to them with a quick, “Enjoy!”.

So, if you want a slower pace and beautiful vista and can ignore the brightly colored stacks of the Water and Power facility… park yourself or take a walk in these sands: El Segundo and Dockweiler Beaches.

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