DTLA Flower Mart

August 29th

The Flower Mart

Another LA gem, the DTLA Flower Mart (and entire Flower District) is like nothing you’ve ever seen or experienced before. If you love flowers like I do, it’s a utopia. The first time I went, I spent $45 and had enough flowers to share with half of Culver City. My apartment looked like something out of Home & Garden Magazine (i.e. not its usual). This last time, I spent $25 and walked away with a giant plant for my front door, a succulent garden as a gift for the neighbors, orchids on stems for myself, a succulent for my quaint little balcony and an air plant. The orchids alone could have been used for a small wedding (perhaps this is a slight exaggeration); they were $5.

The Flower Mart itself is a part of the Flower District; arrive early (like, before 10 am) to get the best deals and bring cash – it’s just a $1 at the door and most vendors take card(s), however, cash is still king for negotiating and not maxing local vendors out on credit/debit card fees. Parking is easy with several nearby lots and meters up and down the adjacent streets.

FlowerMart Flowermart1 Flowermart2 Flowermart3 Flowermart4

Plan your flower-buying frenzy at: LA Flower District


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