History Miami, Hurricane Andrew Exhibit

Hurricane Andrew, for anyone that fully experienced it, was something completely out of the Twilight Zone. We could not have anticipated it – no one could have. Not even Bryan Norcross himself (who spoke at the opening event pictured here). My memory of that night is crystal clear: sheer anxiety, the dog and cats (and humans) pacing the hallway and one bathroom we had generally confined ourselves to, immense pressure beating up my ears as well as Doppler effect train whistles (tornados) screaming past the house – along with dark shapes swirling in the front entryway and hitting the house from all sides. It definitely felt like an apocalypse all on its own. To say we “survived” may be true, but I don’t think it’s exactly fair to fully claim that given those who suffered far more horrible damage or fates. Still, the stories around Andrew united a whole generation of Miamians and those were the same stories I heard being shared across the museum. The exhibit made me reflective, but it was the human impact and connection across one specific storyline that made me emotional. I will go back when I have more time to spend with it.

History Miami is a gem in downtown Miami. This was my first visit – I walked out with a membership. Though I was there for the Hurricane Andrew exhibit (open through 1/15/18), I spent some time perusing their other cultural relics and adding my own story to their interactive walls. Visit their site for more information.



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