One World Trade Center

Post disclaimer: though I loved the opportunity to see the One World Trade Center and Observation Deck, I struggled (and am still struggling) with how commercial it is.

That said – One World Trade Center is incredible and so are the views from the top. I have never been that high in any building in any city. I delighted in the panoramic city and water views. Most exciting, for me, was seeing Lady Liberty in the harbor (she’s always beautiful to me). I also loved that the boats going in and out in of the Hudson’s breadth reminded me – on a giant’s scale – of the boats and ships I love watching on a daily basis from my microcosm of the world on the Miami River. I could have stayed up there for a long time watching the river. However, we ended our trip with a drink at the bar (mine was called: The Sunset – fitting) and made our departure.

Note: I felt a sadness in being there, in that sacred space, that I haven’t quite yet shaken.


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