The Getty

Few museums – even in LA – can match the grandeur of The Getty. The gardens, angles, landscaping and views are all meticulously laid out. So much so that you could spend a full afternoon simply appreciating the strange beauty of both the 405 and the Pacific Ocean from The Getty’s vantage point.

Now, museum-goers can create their own drawings in the sketch room (stamped with official Getty-ness) while taking a break between exhibits. This is one of my favorite, new discoveries. The Getty is more of an experience than a museum. đź’•


One thought on “The Getty

  1. That museum is worth going to just for what is going on outside. What is going on with the guy on the horse? also, the torso coming out of the two torsos (?). Do they provide the sketch pad & pencils? I think that girl in the photo has talent… !!!


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