Dear Lynne (written by me)

I wrote this last February (2017) with the knowledge that I may not get to see my sister before she left this planet. At the time, my niece Mariah (author of What I Wish I Would Have Known) read it to her. Luckily, I was able to see Lynne (along with Mariah and my other niece Denica and her son Gage) that same month.

I share it now as a complement to Mariah’s piece and in honor of the 1st year anniversary of Lynne’s passing.

Lynne, the marigold bridge will always connect us.


Dear Lynne,

I knew from the moment we first met at Aunt Sal’s that you and I were similar spirits. Your gentleness and calmness reminded me of our Gramp. Your laugh reminded me of me. And you (we) looked (and still look) just like dad. I loved you, even as a semi-confused teen, before meeting you in person simply for the fact that you were my sister.

I think you should know that I have felt dad all around me this week, and I am almost certain he’s more present because he has been watching you. He’s sent me messages for the last few days – more clearly than he has in years – and I think he’s been able to do that because he’s also nearby waiting for you. Whatever portal it is that a soul passes through to its next chapter, I feel strongly that he’s there. He, our grandparents and so many others will be there for you, just past the threshold. You will never be alone in this transition. Lynne, that’s all this is – a transition to a world where pain is forgotten, health is never an issue and where the love of present and past others is all around you. I’m saying this, but I think you of all people know that to be true.

I want you to also know that whenever I was (editorial: and continue to be) with Mariah, two things were (and are) always clear to me: being with her was an absolute extension of the connection you and I have (she is a strong and special soul), and dad would have loved her – maybe even doted on her. I have also thought for years about how much I would have loved for you all to have known each other better and spent time together before he was sick. He would have loved you too, Lynne. In fact, he did love you. One of my dad’s greatest sadnesses was not having you and Lauren in his life. Luckily, some cosmic force brought us together, perhaps to bridge that connection in real time and even after dad left this earth. I’d like to think that I was a conduit somehow of the love I know he had for you. My love for you has always been a living, breathing thing – and I can only hope that you felt that whether we were near or far apart.

Love is all I’ll ever have for you. Your kindness, smile, laugh and beauty will be with me forever. Those things will be with the girls and Gage too. You have left a legacy of care and compassion and family. There is nothing else that could match that accomplishment in mortal life. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your love and know that my forever bridge to you will live in Mariah. You will carry a piece of us all to a greater beyond, and we will forever carry you in our hearts.


I love you. You are loved by so many others. And, soon, you’ll feel the love of so many more.


Love, Allison


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