Portraits of the Artists

Portraits of the Artists (“Portraits”) gives shape to the human stories of contemporary artists working across several genres including (but not limited to) street artists, photographers, singers, other bloggers, writers and artists working in and with multiple mediums. With the advent of social media and shifts in popular culture, modern artists have a broader and more immediate platform for sharing their work and talent. Social media, however, often only provides a narrow view of the artist(s) beyond their work.


Humans thrive on human interaction, but the storytellers are sometimes forgotten or unknown. Historically, artists have been the great storytellers of every society and era. The creative minds of the world – artists across the spectrum – often live in color and embody the human condition in unique ways. Though their voices are likely expressed through their art, the depths of their stories go beyond their chosen canvases. With Portraits, I pay tribute to a group of diverse, current artists (some of whom I am fortunate to call personal friends) through my chosen form of art: the written word.

Enjoy. 😘❤️🎨

Editor’s note: some portraits are written like stories, some like actual interviews in order to preserve the voice/breadth of information provided by the artist(s).

2 thoughts on “Portraits of the Artists

  1. I read all three ….did you interview each artist individually or obtain all the details through other articles? They are so detailed…not to mention well written.


    1. They are /will be a combination of short interviews, written comments and observations based on talking to the artists (those I know personally) directly. So glad you’re reading all of them. 3 more are in development…


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