Weighing Success

The scale is an instrument of the devil.

To catch you up, I have continued to walk like my life depends on it (this includes a hike in the mix every few weeks, for good measure) and have introduced a formal 8-Week “Squat Challenge” (Christmas present to myself) into my routine… yet the scale has gone the opposite direction. I’m not talking a ridiculous number of pounds but certainly enough to make me want to take the thing and repeatedly bash it into bits (or toss it off my balcony – this being the standing threat to the scale whenever it doesn’t appease me).

So, instead, I have decided that I will focus on the milestones I’ve reached more recently. Thanks to MapMyWalk (one of the best apps on the planet), I’ve now completed 300 workouts with them and walked over 500 miles. For reference, that’s like walking between LA and San Jose. I’ve walked almost the length of this giant state. Yes, I have accomplished something (in roughly the last 18 months).

Getting that email was pretty sobering: stop being a frustrated, angry freak. I am always proud of the consistency I’ve adopted into my daily routine, but the scale, mirrors, aspirational bodies on Instagram… eh, it’s hard to manage it all in my brain now that it suffers from more dysmorphia than it ever did in its heavier days. For anyone else who has lost a lot of weight, I am guessing you’ve had a similar experience (let me know by commenting here too – I’m interested).

I am sharing this both as an update on progress and an honest peek into the continued march toward greater fitness and a leaner body. Note: my best friends refer to me as a toothpick or pinhead (affectionate names, I realize). They continue to be my biggest cheerleaders and sanity-keepers. And, for that, I am always grateful.

I will keep walking.

I will update you on the apparent backside for the ages I’m going to have post-Squat Challenge.

I will keep going.


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