Articles On Walking

Here are a few articles regarding the benefits of walking  (they are endless…):

Physical and Psychological Benefits

Evidence for the Benefits of Walking

Multiple Areas Impacted by Walking

Mental and Physical Benefits

Walking and Stress

2 thoughts on “Articles On Walking

  1. I’m going to read all of these promptly, and share them with Phillip! One of my favorite things to do with him is to walk in the evenings, and I’ve been advocating for us to do it nightly. (Getting a dog will certainly help with the motivation for this!) Thanks for finding these, and for sharing!!


    1. Yes! These are just a collection of some of the most read sites – one of my favorites is the one on urban hikes. Such a great tool for city-dwellers. I will likely use it when I go to see my SPECIAL AUSTIN PEOPLE… ❤


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