The PowerPoint

Dating has been nothing short of disturbing in LA. Perhaps it’s the same everywhere – but there’s a special kind of equation to dating here that I seem to see working itself out over and over. [Note: full disclosure, sometimes dating has provided hilarity, a decent conversation, an amazing lover (or two), etc…]

I’ve been dating for over a year now (off and on), and I have a few theories about men in this town. The most salient one, however, I refer to as “The PowerPoint”.

Most guys seem to have their own PowerPoint. It may be 5 slides, 15, maybe even more – but once they get to the end of that presentation, the dating fog lifts, and they’re on to the next audience. The process is fairly simple: guys meet someone new, they launch their presentation and – regardless of how long it takes them to get to the end – there is an end. Meanwhile, women (I can admit I’m no different) associate investment and time with something “more”. There is, typically, no more. Once the slides are done, he’s done.

Sadly, society has made this PowerPoint approach completely viable. Giving more means having something that isn’t finite and can’t be prepared. It’s also insanely easy to meet and date 1.3 million people – particularly with all of the current online sites and apps. Why break the routine when you have so many other audience members to wow (or even just borderline interest) with your perfectly honed PowerPoint? Why deviate when you’ve now done the presentation so many times that you have it down to a science? Men become champion presenters. In this equation, I am guessing most women end up completely discouraged (especially if they ever somehow thought they would be considered as a unique audience), confused or disappointed.

If you don’t mind just sitting through a few slides, the PowerPoint is fine. But, if you want more, know that the “more” won’t come with a glossy projector.

5 thoughts on “The PowerPoint

    1. Hi Clare – thank you. And I don’t disagree. I had a chance to check out your blog too – fabulous! Thank you for sharing (now following you).


  1. Amazing post! I had the same feeling about the dating scene in London. You meet so many men, you have the feeling of endless possibilities, but somehow they all seem to follow a script, shorter or longer depending on the case.. but inevitable, nothing really sticks. You put it beautifully


    1. Thank you, Barbara! I suspected it wasn’t just LA – there’s also an age/demographic piece I didn’t address, but I agree the PowerPoint (period) is something that happens… a lot.


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