My Mom and the Missing Details

My mom is famous for a) her quirkiness and b) not remembering important details of my life. Last year (in honor of my 38th birthday), she decided to share the following:

• I was born at 7:20 pm;
• I was 3 weeks early (and SHOULD have been a Halloween baby – Halloween is in my blood, I wasn’t surprised);
• For some reason, my parents couldn’t decide on a name; consequently, I “sat around” for 5 days as “Baby Girl McComb”;
• The doctors had to goad my mom/dad into giving me a name or they wouldn’t be allowed to leave with me.

This is par for the course for Debbie Jo (my mom); still, I was excited to learn these new and random things. For my first 37 years, I only knew the following:

• I walked early (9-10 months);
• I didn’t talk for a while; however, when I did, I spoke in full sentences;
• Escaping was a favorite pastime; a neighbor once brought me back in his arms asking “is this yours?”

My mom has blamed me since birth for every physical ailment she’s had since then (this includes her back, her knees, a giant scar, her hearing, etc.) 38 years later, she still hasn’t gotten rid of me.


To confirm (and celebrate) the quirky factor beyond a shadow of a doubt, the montage above is an ode to my mom aka: DJ, aka: Momsie. Despite having a short memory for what I consider the important details… she’ll always be my favorite person. ❤

Let me what know you think about MiamiGirlWalking...

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